Relationship Frustration in Pictures

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
This is Me- Business and normal on the outside, party on the down low. 

This is her, A nice girl (and very "vanilla" as far as I know)*

Now we do a lot of this already, and it's good. I really do like her as a person and sexually *

However, I've done this and like it*

(gave and received)

And I think (I've never done) I might want to try these things one day*

However, I get the strong feeling she will completely object to everything but the good ol stuff(based on talks we've had)*

Which for now is fine. But I'm worried. If I fall for her, will this be an issue??

 How important is sex to me really- and is this how I'm going to lead relationships from now on

So difficult. End. 

(*I took none of the pictures besides the first one. I also claim no rights to them. If they're yours and you want them down, please let me know. I claim rights only to the frist. Cheers)