Aneros Orgasm Wipes Mind- HNT

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
So I had all these ideas for a post. I've bee writing things down all week that I wanted to research and talk about. I wanted opinions and to spark thought. That was until I decided to celebrate Anal August. And by celebrate, I mean play with the aneros. Quite frankly ,I am spent. It is honestly some of the best money I've spent in my life. The waves of pleasure just wash over you and you lose complete control over your body. Before I knew it I was bucking and convulsing uncontrollably. I don't buck or convulse-ever. Ladies, if you want to see some exorcist like orgasms from your man, this will do it. Your mind goes blank and your body is seething with pure carnal pleasure. I honestly wish women had a prostate to experience this. Just once. After a couple of those orgasms I can barely think, let alone move. Have fun this weekend.
I suggest you peep some of the videos and posts below. I've been busy this week trying to make your eyeballs happy :-)
Also, assuming you're thinking of anything, what's on your mind???